Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Charity Shop Finds With OOTD

Yesterday, like I usually do I went into my local charity shop to find some bargains. Now most of the time there isn't anything worth buying.. However, there are times when it's almost like all charity shops have a secret meeting and decide to put their best things out because I find so many good things all at once and then hardly any for ages. I don't know if that happens to you, maybe it's just me.. but this was one of those secret meeting times..

 This tartan blazer was the most expensive thing I brought in the charity shop, which was £6.00 and for that kind of money you can't really go wrong!! Anyway, it caught my eye which lead me to try it on and it feels as if it was made for me.  It also has a velvet collar and buttons for extra detail which I love. I feel tartan patterns are perfect for winter with all the berries and bottle greens usually included in tartan patterns.

I really needed a new big black bag for everyday use because at the moment I'm using a Primark bag which isn't the best of quality to lug around all your things let's be honest! I saw this and it is the perfect size, it's got strong leather handles and a leather band at the bottom of the bag for extra detail. It was a bonus that the bag is actually Calvin Klein with the leather label in the middle of the straps at the top and an additional brand label in metal on the side of the bag. The bag was £3.50 which is cheaper than the Primark bag I'm using now. 

I love this bag sooo much!! It's a small rucksack made from the best quality leather I've ever felt! The leather is that really thick real leather that isn't fake 'genuine' leather all bags seems to proclaim. It's so cute and looks really vintage due to the texture and ageing of the leather, which sadly isn't complimented enough in the photo. This bag was only £2.50!! 


I was feeling wintery today, so opted for a simple burgundy skater (with tiny black speckles) dress from Topshop. Over this I wore my new.. well new to me, tartan blazer and Calvin Klein bag. I wore my Topshop chunky boots, which are really comfy so I recommend purchasing some! I accessorised with my H&M black floppy hat; although I didn't actually wear this hat out as it's still August I thought this went perfectly with this outfit and will be wearing it when winters comes!

If you enjoyed this post and would like me to post more charity shop or bootsale finds then comment below!!

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  3. Awesome finds, love that bag :) x

  4. Oooo great find with the tartan jacket! Lucky gal