Friday, 23 August 2013

20 Questions 20 Answers

I saw this tag that bloggers have done in the past 
and thought it would be a good idea to give you an incite about me..

1. Things you cannot leave the house without?

Make up wise I would say Vaseline, mascara and any lip products I'm using that day. I can't go without my phone as I have been reading so many blogs recently! Also, my diary otherwise I get so organised and forget things.

2. Favourite brand of makeup?

Mac, Maybelline, Sleek, Nars, Dior. I don't really have one favourite, most brands have one type of product better than others.

3. Favourite flower?

I love bluebells, their colour is amazing.

4. Favourite clothing store?

I love Topshop, Asos, Primark and misguided mostly. But I wouldn't say I always shop there.

5. Favourite perfume?

It has to be DKNY red delicious and delicious night, probably because they are so sweet!

6. Heels or Flats?

I like to wear a mixture of flats and heels, but I wear mostly flats and heels with only mid heights heels as I can't wear heels for long!

7. Do you make good grades?

I passed all my GCSEs with good grades and am currently at college which is going well.

8. Favourite colours?

At the moment purple, berry and camel/neutrals.

9. Do you drink energy drinks?

Not really, I don't do much exercise so I don't really need them.

10. Do you drink juice?

Not really as a lot of them have loads of sugar. BUT there is the most amazing smoothie/juice you can ever try called Naked which you can get most places in the UK like Boots or Superdrug.

11. Do you like swimming?

I love to swim and hardly get out once I'm in but that's only holidays really, as I don't live by the sea.

12. Do you eat fries with a fork?

Not really, your fingers were made to eat fries!

13. Favourite moisturiser?

I love the smell of Gok Wan's moisturiser but my day to day one is probably Body butters from the body shop.

14. Do you want to get married later on in life?

Yeah maybe but I like to focus on the near future!

15. Do you get mad easily?

No, what's the point? 

16. Are you into ghost hunting?

No but that sounds like fun!

17. Any phobias?

I don't really have any.

18. Do you bite your nails?

Sadly since I was little but recently I have been growing them ready for fall 13 nail polishes!

19. Have you ever had a near death experience?

I have been in a car crash before but fortunately no one was hurt!

20. Do you drink coffee?

My sister forced me to try a iced latte which annoyingly I loved but, actually coffee isn't sweet enough for me!

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Make up Trend/Collections Fall 2013

With Fall quickly arriving many brands have released their new Fall 2013 make up collections. And it looks like grey and purple are going hand in hand this Fall as the collections consists of metallic blues, greys, purples and reds. From eyes brightly coloured, to subtle greys many collections offer various shades with coordinated nail polish colours plus many collections featuring berry and purple coloured lip products.

Nars Fall 2013 -
Butter London's the royal collection -
Dior Fall 2013 Collection -
Mac - Induldge Collection to be released in UK around September
Chanel -

I was browsing through the Nars collection and thought I would share with you my favourite product which would be the eyeshadow in Kamchatka. I don't own that many brightly coloured eye shadows and I think this would look really good for autumn 13 especially for a pop of colour with some neutral colours on the eye.

So I have ordered the eyeshadow but also decided to indulge in a lip pencil as I don't have many. I chose the shade mysterious red, which is a really deep red which reminds me of Mac lipstick in Sin however I haven't seen the lip pencil in person so it may look different.

Other things that I will buy in the future.. 

Eyeshadow in Yamal and nail polish in Galathee

I would love to know what you think of the collection so comment below!

Friday, 16 August 2013

Interview Life..

So today I went to a retail job interview and decided to tell you guys the process I went through and any tips that may help you to be successful. Now I don't want anyone thinking I think I'm an expert on this subject, but it's never a bad thing to have the opportunity to possibly improve. First, I'll go through the process of the interview I had today.

I had to go into the actual store for my interview and after getting my visitor badge waited for all 15 potential employees to arrive. After which we were shown up to the shops top floor to where the staff room was. After being ushered into an interview room we found our name tags on allocated chairs. Now this is when I started to get nervous because there were about 6 interviewers that would be assessing us throughout the process.

It felt a little like dragons den, now for those of you who don't know what that is it is basically a program with these really intimidating investors that people try to sell their business/products to in order be get an investor. At the interview I felt as if I was trying to sell myself. (
However, after being with them for less than 15 minutes you realise they are actually all really friendly and just want you to be successful. 

First Part of the interview
We introduced ourselves to the group and told them why we wanted to work for the brand. We then got split into groups to do an activity about qualities needed in an employee. After that we had to try to sell a random object to the rest of the group. This was really daunting at the time because you feel unprepared, but just look at the positives and benefits of what you’re trying to sell when you try to sell it.

I had to sell a doughnut shaped cushion which was navy, red and white (sailor themed) for children. I said:

- It has a fleece outer layer and polyester filling which means it will be soft and comfortable (the label told me what was in it)
- The store sells other products in the sailor theme if you don't want to buy a cushion (I didn't know this but you’re meant to pretend you know what you’re talking about)
- The colours will brighten up the room
- Unique shape - keeps children's interest
- Perfect as a Christmas gift for a child

Don't worry if you have to do this they will give you a couple of minutes to think of things to say!

Second Part of the interview
This was the point when the interviewers stepped outside to deliberate who would gets to one-to-one interviews - which I got through to. This is when one of the interviews sits down to ask you common interview questions such as: why do you want to work for the brand? Tell me a time you received good or bad customer service? Tell me about the brand? When are you available? What would you do in this situation?... etc. 

Be smiley, friendly and approachable. 
You will catch the interviewers’ attention especially in group interviews! They will think you’re a confident, positive person even if you’re really nervous!
Be confident.
Now I know better than most that it is difficult to be confident when you are so nervous you feel sick! But I have a way to make myself more confident  I pretend that its not an actual interview in my head. Now you may think this is strange but if you pretend its a test run for the real thing it takes all the pressure you or others that may be putting on you!
Body Language.
The worst thing you can do is start to fiddle with your hair or your fingers, this shows what you feel inside... plain nerves! I try to just put my hands on each other and cross my legs so I'm not tempted to start fidgeting around.
Eye Contact.
The employer doesn't want to catch staring out the window when they talk to you, this makes them feel they haven't got you 100% attention. This causes a bad impression as it may seem as if you are boring them too.
I know how sometimes you can find it easier to look at something else when concentrating but try to at least look in the direction of the person. BUT do not constantly stare into the interviewers’ eye this will just cause awkwardness and discomfort for you both.
I don't wear suits to interviews; I normally try to look smart wearing just all black. It is important to look clean, smart and professional. I didn't wear a suit to this interview because it was for a retail job and so isn't an extremely academic high paid role. Also I personally was meeting friends afterwards and didn't have time to change so wearing this jacket after my interview made my outfit seem more casual. 
Try not to over think what you should wear to an interview as long as it looks smart and professional you will be fine!

Top from Topshop £18, Trousers from River Island £30, Black loafers from Topshop £28 and Jacket from H&M £15 (on sale).

Make Up
Face: Mac studio fix fluid foundation (shade NC25), Rimmel Wake Me Up concealer
Eyes: Urban decay naked palette shades: Naked and Buck. Maybelline the falsies mascara
Lips: Christian Dior Addict Lip Glow

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Charity Shop Finds With OOTD

Yesterday, like I usually do I went into my local charity shop to find some bargains. Now most of the time there isn't anything worth buying.. However, there are times when it's almost like all charity shops have a secret meeting and decide to put their best things out because I find so many good things all at once and then hardly any for ages. I don't know if that happens to you, maybe it's just me.. but this was one of those secret meeting times..

 This tartan blazer was the most expensive thing I brought in the charity shop, which was £6.00 and for that kind of money you can't really go wrong!! Anyway, it caught my eye which lead me to try it on and it feels as if it was made for me.  It also has a velvet collar and buttons for extra detail which I love. I feel tartan patterns are perfect for winter with all the berries and bottle greens usually included in tartan patterns.

I really needed a new big black bag for everyday use because at the moment I'm using a Primark bag which isn't the best of quality to lug around all your things let's be honest! I saw this and it is the perfect size, it's got strong leather handles and a leather band at the bottom of the bag for extra detail. It was a bonus that the bag is actually Calvin Klein with the leather label in the middle of the straps at the top and an additional brand label in metal on the side of the bag. The bag was £3.50 which is cheaper than the Primark bag I'm using now. 

I love this bag sooo much!! It's a small rucksack made from the best quality leather I've ever felt! The leather is that really thick real leather that isn't fake 'genuine' leather all bags seems to proclaim. It's so cute and looks really vintage due to the texture and ageing of the leather, which sadly isn't complimented enough in the photo. This bag was only £2.50!! 


I was feeling wintery today, so opted for a simple burgundy skater (with tiny black speckles) dress from Topshop. Over this I wore my new.. well new to me, tartan blazer and Calvin Klein bag. I wore my Topshop chunky boots, which are really comfy so I recommend purchasing some! I accessorised with my H&M black floppy hat; although I didn't actually wear this hat out as it's still August I thought this went perfectly with this outfit and will be wearing it when winters comes!

If you enjoyed this post and would like me to post more charity shop or bootsale finds then comment below!!

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Monday, 12 August 2013

Mary Kate and Ashley's Collab with Bik Bok

The Olsen twins are launching another collection but this time collaborating with Norwegian retailer Bik Bok. On Wednesday they launched their first of three collaborated collections for autumn 2013. Judging from the first collection I believe the Swedish and Norwegians' are going to look the part this autumn, teaming black minimalistic with sports luxe with a Scandinavian feel to the collection. Looking through the collection you can see the girls bohemian-bourgeois style comes through. 

You can see the girls have been inspired from their other lines such as the row and their luxury basics collection. The collection offer minimalistic structured trousers, black jeans, blazers, checkered shirts, chiffons, leather, lace and elements of velvet. Most of the products are affordable for the typical girl as they are being sold at Topshop prices. The collection already seems to be selling fast with already 10 products sold out on Bik Bok's website. Sadly us English girls won't be able to get our hands on them for awhile as Bik Boks doesn't offer worldwide shipping.

ashley marykate olsen bik bok
Mary Kate and Ashley sporting their own designs for the collection launch in Oslo.
ashley marykate olsen bik bok